Thursday, January 21, 2010

Working 9 to 5

While I'm not actually working 9 to 5, I am now working.

I am doing my ACT prep at a school here in Michigan. I want to keep it vague, until after the position is over. This whole thing is guaranteed to end March 5th.

It's somewhat rewarding sometimes, when a student understand something on the test or figures out something they were having trouble with.
On the other hand, I was called "nice but boring" the other day, which bothered me more than it should. I was trying to go over geometry-not always the most fascinating of subjects.

But whatever happens, this whole experience will be good for me, and it's definitely better than not working. Or even working at the coffee shop. I have different responsibilities and a different set of "woes", if you will.

I'm just happy that however it happens, my life is moving forward. It's reassuring that this year will be better than last.

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