Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alexa wins

While I was walking out the door for work this morning, Alexa was being way cooler than anyone:

"I am at the top of the eiffel tower. I can have champaign for 10 euro. I may never come home," said her text message.

What else can be said about that?

Sunday, August 23, 2009


--So I know Emily has the time set on this thing to be on LA Time. Meaning when I just posted that last entry, it said 1:07 PM. And the my mom's laptop says it 4:07 PM, being Eastern Standard Awesome Time.

And my watch, here in Paris, says it's 10:07 PM.

I'm just throwing that out there. Just so you know.

Je Suis A Paris

So I'm in Paris. I got in yesterday after a long day of traveling. Packing went (surprisingly) a whole lot easier than I thought it would. Just a load of laundry and a brief debate about whether or not to take the raincoat (which is also lightweight and cute).
(the coat stayed home)

My mom and I flew from Flint to Atlanta. The Flint Airport actually had pretty good muzak, which surprised me. It also had free WiFi, allowing me to feed the compulsion and check both the Facebook and the Twitter. One thing about the Flint Airport that was weird was its size. It's small. Real small. Like, Dude Where All The People, small. I found it unsettling.

The flight was uneventful and fairly short. We then got off the airplane to enter a gigantic airport, the size of which did not freak me out at all. We had a long time between flights and all the hustling and bustling about made me feel more at home. The food court that we found near our gate (one of many I'm sure) had tons of food, as well as an actual person playing the piano. I found it hilarious once I realized she was going through movie and tv theme songs for a while, hitting on Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman and probably The Facts Of Life.
My mother and I ate at a TGIFridays. It was...fine.

The flight to Paris was LONG. And originally, my mom and I weren't sitting together (due to booking shenans that aren't worth going over). So we get on the plane, I've got a window, there's a seat next to me (for Matt Damon?) and then the aisle, and then my mother. Before this French dude could sit down my mom was all "HIMYDAUGHTERANDICAN'TSITTOGETHERDOYOUMINDMOVING?NO?GREAT" and was in his seat before he knew what hit him.
This was made all the funnier because we were A)totally punchy and B)He was vaguely cute (albeit wearing one of the stupidest hats I have ever seen) and all "Yes! Sit next to a young and pretty girl! Score for the French Dude!". And then my mom took all that away from him.

Other than the flight being long, the high point of our first day in France was landing. We land and then get the announcement that there aren't enough gates, so don't trip down the stairs as you walk out. Okay Fine. We walk down the stairs to see a bus, waitiing to bus us to the gate. Which apparently you can't get to in a direct or timely fashion. I swear we drove in circles for like...15 minutes for little to no reason. It struck me as hilarious.

Then jet lag hit hard and we got to our hotel and ate and whatevs. Day 2 tomorrow? With pictures, since I actually took a few.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Me: Remind me when you're leaving on Fri
Me: so I don't hit you with 50 international texts over the weekend
Alexa: lol
Alexa: werd
Me: One full week?
Alexa: yup
Alexa: I like the idea of lounging through the day
Me: Are you going to Paris proper?
Alexa: yup
Alexa: Oh GOD I will
Alexa: Multiple times
Me: and eat delectable pastries
Me: and good cheeses
Alexa: And drink good wine
Me: Eiffel Tower it up once
Alexa: Promise
Me: Those are my vicarious requests
Alexa: No worries-consider it done

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We really need to blog more

Alexa: My parents bought a garbage can with this automatic lid that opens when you wave your hand over it.
Me: oooh
Alexa: It makes me feel like a Jedi
Alexa: Or a wizard