Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm ready for "House"

$2.50 Searidge white zinfandel in a light-up glass, sharp cheddar cubes, and reduced-fat Wheat Thins


Even if it was obvious news.

So Lohan finally admitted to her relationship with Ronson, saying they've been going out for "a long time now," and thanked the radio host when he said he hopes they're happy together for a long time because they're a lovely couple.

And Clay Aiken is coming out in People magazine tomorrow.


Some kid just walked down my hallway singing, "Skunk in the barnyard, pee-yew. Somebody farted, that's you."


Moving on.

So tomorrow I have an interview at Starbucks. Way to put my degree to good use, huh? Whatev, at least I'm helping The Recording Academy with some Grammy voting prep on Thursday...

(someone please hire me: music business, salary, benefits)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Emmy's will only be absurd once. Unless you tape them

Emily: Do I really wanna end my House-a-thon for the Emmys in 10 mins?
Me: hm...I don't know
Me: I say maybe go for a bit and then you can always come back
Me: I mean, House will be there. The Emmy's will only be absurd once
Emily: lol
Emily: k
Me: lol

And here we are, blogging about the AmEx.

So about a week ago I was working at the coffee shop when this dude came in. It was raining, thanks to Hurricane Ike. (and on a sidenote there, i went golfing the day before and man oh man did I get soaked. I mean, not like a little bit wet but like, totes sopping, dripping wet. It made going to Meijers WICKED COLD. Nay, freezing. Just thought I should share)

So. Rewind a bit, to Sunday when it was rainy wet and Ike was raining like whoa. This guy came in with his son and bought a coffee (of some kind, it's been a week-I don't really remember transient details) and a hot chocolate for his son (but I do remember that). It was about 7 min to go in the fourth quarter of the Lions game-Man was that embarrassing-anyway. To make this story a bit shorter, he paid with an AmEx.

An AmEx black card.

So that's pretty much my story. Nutty, eh?

P.S.-They are made of titanium and feel funny. So there's that.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This was the Video Of the Day on her site:

And here are screencaps (or, um, digital pictures of my TV):

Musings on Totes Bril pop music

So to prevent this from becoming solely "The Emily Show", I have returned. With some pretty deep stuff. While watching The Devil Wears Prada.

While switching cds in my car, it occurred to me-What is it that makes a perfect pop song? I'm not talking about certain masterpieces like "Take On Me" or "99 Luft Balloons" or things of that nature. I also am excluding Prince's entire catalog, basically because I said so.

So back to the question at hand-what makes a brilliant pop song? And what are some of my favourites?
Having grown up in the 90's, I too, have come out the other side a boyband survivor. During those adolescent days I sat around listening to the geniusness of it all and sighing, wishing that some dreamboat like AJ McClean would come to my inevitable rescue from like...ninjas. (I didn't know the power of the ninja when I was 12-I was a sheltered child)

I narrowed down my selections to two choice songs. Having been thrust into the boyband phenomenon through the sugar sweet melodies of the Backstreet Boys, I am always predisposed to love I Want It That Way. It's so catchy. It's so sweet. I have no real idea what it's about, but it graced VH1's countdown of the top songs of 1999, meaning it had to be pretty darned awesome.

On the other hand, my attachment to the post-BSB group of equally good looking young men with potentially questionable hairstyles (AKA *NSYNC), is pretty deep. I was ill with an ear infection, watching their concert on the Disney Channel when they stole my heart. I then and there picked Lance Bass as my favourite, because I thought he dressed slightly less stupid than the rest of them. I really should've seen the admission of "gay" coming. But I didn't and that's a different story.

So their catchy little ditty I Want You Back is catchy in the way I Want It That Way is. You sing, you dance, you commit totally to it when it comes on the radio in your car. One point in *NSYNC's favor is I actually do know what the song is about. Otherwise, I feel this is one of those moments in history when you go "Which goes deeper, my love of NSYNC or my love of BSB?"

These are not questions that can be answered easily, or succinctly, as proven by my charming little ramble. Regardless of the implications, I feel I have posed a question for the ages. I Want It That Way or I Want You Back? Both have catchy melodies, reasonable lyrics, notes that most everyone can hit while driving (or such) and a connection to those delightful 90's. May they live on in infamy. And my cd player.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Dear Ellen, staff, crew, and interns whose job may be to google all things related to the show:


Love (x100),


No, for real. Not just an audience crowd shot (though I AM right there when she dances down my aisle). I make a spectacular appearance crawling across the stage in a lifejacket in pursuit of apples. I lost the game so hard, but came home with an iPod Touch, among other totally sweet swag.

I LOVE ELLEN, and she really does look that awesome up close in person. I want to look that fabulous when I'm 50!

And in conclusion, my birthday was super.

(I love Ellen)

Mine is ice cream cake

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh Ike

You know, this hurricane Ike business is scary. All hurricanes are scary, but this is scary too. I suppose it makes me grateful that I live on a hill in a state that if a hurricane were to come, we'd be having lots of discussions, the least of which being "And HOW did a Hurricane make it up for Michigan?"

Moving on.

Since I didn't report in on the Idiot Twins yesterday, we'll give a short update.
They sit behind me in my French class and are just so effing lazy your head would explode. I understand that learning a new language is difficult, but those people who put forth effort I respect. It can be a hard and scary thing to learn a new language, and I applaud those who are trying.

But the Idiot Twins (aka the Moron Twins) are not. One of them has a Juicy Couture highlighter.
That's right. A Juicy Couture highlighter. Can we take a moment and discuss? Where do you get a couture highlighter? What makes it couture as compared to something I could buy at Office Max? Just how much is a couture highlighter? Could I buy one instead of like...a pair of jeans from the Gap? Those are like...60 bucks you know.

They also just don't try at all, and it irritates me to my core. The only slight upside is I think the teacher is starting to catch on and is just as annoyed as I am.

I now have to go to bed because I am golfing tomorrow. Just so you know-I've decided to take up golf. I have red golf clubs and everything.

EDIT 11:15 pm-For those who were concerned, apparently I can buy a whole stationary set which includes the highlighter for $35. For those who are interested, investigate here

I LOVE 2003

I'm approximately two minutes into watching I Love the New Millennium: 2003 on VH1 (okay, really? do we already need to reminisce about the current decade?)...and I FREAKING LOVE 2003!
  • Finding Nemo
  • The Governator beating Mary Carey and Gary Coleman
  • Paris Hilton's sex tape
  • Saddam's capture
And that's only the intro to this show! WHO KNOWS WHAT OTHER AMAZINGNESS I WILL BE REMINDED OF?!

EDIT: 4:22pm
  • Michael Jackson trial
  • Joe Millionaire TV show
  • Sisqo's "Hotties I'd Like to See In Thongs" segment!

EDIT: 4:43pm
  • CLAY AIKEN and Claymates
  • Sigfried, Roy, and the tiger mauling

This is our story

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I made some crazy chili-cheese-tomato-sour cream nachos

When I returned home from my internship, Yahoo's front page invited me to learn how to "turn your culinary passion into career"—great, now even the internet knows how to reach Alexa via me.

In other news, my building's intercom system is finally set up to include me on the directory downstairs. So now if you come to visit, you can dial 28 and I'll buzz you in from my cell phone. Just FYI.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Squid Parts

Hearing anyone, much less Alton Brown say, "Well gosh! If only I had a pound and a half of assorted squid parts!", is really disgusting.

I don't even mind squid. But watching him cook it (and chop it up with its various in sundry parts), is real gross.

Edit 11:20 pm-And when I thought it couldn't get any worse, the words "Squid Paste" were bandied about. The image isn't much better.

And there you have it...

A: This is going to be effing sweet
A: I also think this will fill the void in our lives
A: That big gaping void that basically is our life

This was all Alexa's idea

A: You know, we should blog
A: It'd be like reality tv, with words

A: I think this will be great
E: me too

Well, you know what they say about high fructose corn syrup

I actually have no idea what it is they say about high fructose corn syrup, but those ads strike me as funny. With a little bit of imagination it goes from high fructose corn syrup to...
-"Well you know what they say about tall women, right?"
-"No, I honestly don't have a clue...what do they say?"
-"...They can reach the top shelf..."

Today I had my Chinese class and I didn't even have to go into work, which is always an exciting thing. For those not in the know, I work at a local coffee shop in town making tres chic beverages for peeps who love things like...a quad grande half caf skinny skinny soy vanilla bean with sugar free vanilla and a pump of...peppermint (or whatever). It really makes my morning, making these drinks.

Tomorrow-reports on the moron twins who sit behind me in French