Saturday, May 28, 2011

Holiday Weekends

It's Memorial Day here in MI. In fact, it's supposedly May around here.
Needless to say, the weather hasn't really agreed. We've had a few really nice days mind you, but this is possibly the wettest May I remember.
This weekend is slated to be rainy and hot, and it's just a bummer. It makes the idea of doing anything, like planting flowers, so unappealing.

I spent last week in Atlanta with my mom. At first I wasn't too thrilled to visit, but we ended up having a fabulous time. We took our car and drove to Charleston, SC and rocked that town. They had the most amazing food I've eaten of vacation as of late. It's rare that absolutely every place you eat on a vacation has stellar food, not just "kinda good".
Needless to say, I have to get back ASAP. If only to eat all of the food I didn't eat the first time, you know?

Now it's time for me to finish my glass of wine, listen to my parents bicker (lovingly) with their friends as it's card night, and take a nap. I was up too early this morning to buy flowers and stuff.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hey look-Good Weather!

I fully admit that this is also posted word for word on my "other" blog. However, I think it's worth putting down here, as I haven't written in a while and it amuses me.

So, without further ado.

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a city, in want of some sunshine, should accept any and all nice weather that comes its way.

I know full well that I'm probably "tempting the wrath from high atop the thing" (for you West Wing fans), but I'm going to do it anyway. It's really really gorgeous out. It was cold (like, 40's) on Tuesday, which did make golf less than entertaining. However, it appears as though the heavens have finally bestowed upon Michigan something resembling Spring.

Spring tends to make us restless here in the Great White North. When it finally appears we all dash outside, preferably in questionable attire (think shorts, tanks and flip flops) even when it's only 60. Everyone stands around, or strolls, wearing their sunglasses and smiling as if to say "Hey look! Warmth! The Sun! I can get my daily vitamin D today without taking a pill!" It's something programmed into our DNA.

A plethora of people are driving with their windows down, their tops down (for those convertible owners) and music blaring as loud as possible. With luck, the bass will also be up and the earth will shake in time to Usher's "Yeah".

I suppose I'm writing this to document this gorgeous weather, as well as be grateful for the fact that I'm post B12 shots now. With this development it means I can actually enjoy this sort of thing. My energy levels are of a respectable level, I don't have weird tingly feelings in my arms, and I can pay attention long enough to recognize that fact.

So go outside all of you! Enjoy this weather. And listen to "Yeah" if you must.