Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh Ike

You know, this hurricane Ike business is scary. All hurricanes are scary, but this is scary too. I suppose it makes me grateful that I live on a hill in a state that if a hurricane were to come, we'd be having lots of discussions, the least of which being "And HOW did a Hurricane make it up for Michigan?"

Moving on.

Since I didn't report in on the Idiot Twins yesterday, we'll give a short update.
They sit behind me in my French class and are just so effing lazy your head would explode. I understand that learning a new language is difficult, but those people who put forth effort I respect. It can be a hard and scary thing to learn a new language, and I applaud those who are trying.

But the Idiot Twins (aka the Moron Twins) are not. One of them has a Juicy Couture highlighter.
That's right. A Juicy Couture highlighter. Can we take a moment and discuss? Where do you get a couture highlighter? What makes it couture as compared to something I could buy at Office Max? Just how much is a couture highlighter? Could I buy one instead of like...a pair of jeans from the Gap? Those are like...60 bucks you know.

They also just don't try at all, and it irritates me to my core. The only slight upside is I think the teacher is starting to catch on and is just as annoyed as I am.

I now have to go to bed because I am golfing tomorrow. Just so you know-I've decided to take up golf. I have red golf clubs and everything.

EDIT 11:15 pm-For those who were concerned, apparently I can buy a whole stationary set which includes the highlighter for $35. For those who are interested, investigate here

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