Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Emmy's will only be absurd once. Unless you tape them

Emily: Do I really wanna end my House-a-thon for the Emmys in 10 mins?
Me: hm...I don't know
Me: I say maybe go for a bit and then you can always come back
Me: I mean, House will be there. The Emmy's will only be absurd once
Emily: lol
Emily: k
Me: lol

And here we are, blogging about the AmEx.

So about a week ago I was working at the coffee shop when this dude came in. It was raining, thanks to Hurricane Ike. (and on a sidenote there, i went golfing the day before and man oh man did I get soaked. I mean, not like a little bit wet but like, totes sopping, dripping wet. It made going to Meijers WICKED COLD. Nay, freezing. Just thought I should share)

So. Rewind a bit, to Sunday when it was rainy wet and Ike was raining like whoa. This guy came in with his son and bought a coffee (of some kind, it's been a week-I don't really remember transient details) and a hot chocolate for his son (but I do remember that). It was about 7 min to go in the fourth quarter of the Lions game-Man was that embarrassing-anyway. To make this story a bit shorter, he paid with an AmEx.

An AmEx black card.

So that's pretty much my story. Nutty, eh?

P.S.-They are made of titanium and feel funny. So there's that.

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