Friday, January 8, 2010

Moving Forward and Why It Scares Me Shitless

As we have learned, I quit my job at the coffee shop last year. I put in my two weeks notice and my last day was over a week ago.

In the meantime, I was hired and then given no information on a new job. But that isn't the point of this entry.

I have now become "unemployed". I have joined Michigan's vast amount of unemployed people. And I am simultaneously terrified and unafraid. I know I can't go back to the coffee shop. The atmosphere is toxic to both me and the people around me. I become someone I don't want to be around, and I know how unhappy it makes me. In turn, I make most people around me miserable.

This is my declaration. There has to be a point where someone stands up and says "Enough." My life this year will be better for this and I know it.

I'm closing my eyes and jumping. I am saying "enough" and moving forward in the most scary and wonderful way.
I am unafraid. And I am scared shitless.

Promise to go on this ride as a group. It'll be fun. I swear.

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