Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How many blogs can I start (and not finish)?

Emily: I'm trying to hold myself accountable with Krav/training now
Emily: as in,
Emily: I look like a slacker if I don't do something for a few days now
Alexa: OH HAI. For realz-while I don't Krav, this is a good idea because I am a lazy shit and shouldn't be
Emily: I wonder how long it'll last, though
Emily: we fail at our other blog
Emily: ...and this conversation should go on it.
Alexa: Obvs. But I popped the 2010 cherry thank you very much
Emily: That you did.

PS: I'm going to Maryland for 10 days (leaving tomorrow morning) and I packed a small bottle of Tapatio in my suitcase. I don't trust my small-town stores to have it there. Priorities.

Alexa: I'm so proud of us. 2 entries in 2010 and it's only Jan 6th
Alexa: So far, so good.

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