Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm going to the GRAMMYs

Yes, that is right. I have tickets. I will be mocking the show from the inside this year.

My friend Devin is going with me, and he's devising a "hit list": industry big shots we want to hunt down, meet, and beg for jobs. "I have to meet Rick Rubin," he declared. So we'll see what his plan is.

Personally...I'm more excited that U2 is performing. And Paul McCartney. And Stevie Wonder. YESSSS. I LOVE STEVIE WONDER.

My mother mailed my black-tie attire to me from Maryland. Go ahead, ask me who I'm wearing.

Answer: I don't know. It's my "senior homecoming/inaugural ball/won a pageant" dress...and I think we bought it at a JCPenneys sale in fall 2004. Shoes? From Payless, same time period (always the same shoes with this dress). Accessories? My earrings may have come from Claire's, and my clutch handbag was just purchased from Target.

I keep it real.

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