Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Few Snowpocolypses Later...

And it's mid-March. In fact, it's bordering on the end of March. Winter has continued to bother us all up here in the Great White North. In fact, February was one of the snowiest months on record here in Michigan. How ridiculous is that?

Needless to say, we're all really really really done with winter. (that being said, i hear there's supposed to be snow on Tuesday. no, i don't want to talk about it)

In the meantime? I continue to go to school. It's still deliciously nerdy, but I've come to severely dislike one of my professors. It's to the point where I've altered my summer plans and now will not be taking a summer class because I don't want to spend 8 weeks in a room with her. Three days a week for hours on end. It's bad enough as it is, you know?

Otherwise? I don't do all that much. I started an online dating profile.
Oh. My. God. There are no words for how ridiculous and absurd and silly and all around odd that's been. I have yet to net myself any dates.
I also have yet to truly net myself anyone who can construct an entire sentence (or two) without some sort of tragic misstep of either A) "HEY SHAWTY, WHAT U DOIN?" or something like B) "reading, splling and typing n complete thots is hard. there4, i don't"

Both of these make my grind my teeth.

Touche Emily.
Your turn for an update.

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