Monday, January 31, 2011


Let us begin with saying, I'm done with this photo shit. Maybe I'll do one at the start of every month.
I also should apologize for calling out Emily on not photo-ing. Apparently we had a bit of a mis-communication and she is photo-ing on a different blog, and not photos of herself.
Who knew? (Not me. Not then, anyway)

Let's fast forward about a month, shall we?

Grad school is so deliciously nerdy. I spend my time thinking about different languages, vowel systems, language acquisitions, motivating connections between polysemous words, and it's so delicious. Sometimes it gives me a headache. But then I get excited that I liked something enough and thought about it enough to make my head hurt. (I know, right?)

In more pressing news, a SNOWPOCOLYPSE is slated to hit the MI area sometime tomorrow. I'm sort of hoping it'll really dump on us, and it'll do it in a timely fashion. Despite my love of school, everyone likes a snow day.
Frankly-between you and me-I don't think I have that kind of luck. But a girl can dream, right?

Michigan in the midst of a SNOWPOCOLYPSE is hilarious. It's always as if we've never seen snow before in our little Northern lives. I just hope that I don't actually have to venture out in it. The shenanigans that people pull give me a headache and raises my blood pressure.
I don't appreciate it.

I'll report in after the SNOWPOCOLYPSE hits. I've got a shovel. And a snowblower. And a full fridge. I'm not worried.

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