Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunday in LA-Hollywood (with words)

As Emily and I have just agreed, I shall give you a verbal recap of our time here in LA. And by "our time", I mean my time.

So on Sunday we woke up early-ish to go eat lunch at Aroma Cafe. It is this delicious little cafe on...a street. Which I can't remember. But anyway. They apparently are a hot place as the line always was long. Emily and I hopped in line, grabbed a menu and made our selections. I had the chicken and prosciutto panini with the curly fries. Emily had a turkey one with hummus and a small salad and we split some amazing roasted potatoes. I generally don't hold with waiting in line too long, but it was great. They serve you a little like the Corner Bakery in Chicago would, where you order at the counter and then take a number and then they bring you the food.

It was yummy, cute and worth it.

We hop the bus again to head down to Hollywood. We get off, hop the train and magically appear on the Walk of Fame. (see the previous post for photos of us)

For a moment I spent more time staring at the ground and didn't even realize that I was standing outside Grauman's Chinese Theater. But Emily said "HEY LOOK UP" and I did and it was "WOW. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?"

And then it was an awesome photo montage of us and the handprints in the cement and stuff. Emily will be quick to point out that I am Matt Damon's biggest/only fangirl to which I say "LIES LIES LIES". And anyway, the world is a big place and if Tom Cruise can have deranged fans, so can Matt Damon.
Moving on

Emily and I then present ourselves for the suckers we are and get sucked into a "Tour of the Stars' Homes". And it was awesomely, deliciously tacky. We took photos of Leonardo DiCaprio's front gate, one part of the Playboy Mansion, Bob Barkers' house (among others). It was awesome and absurd and we even went down to Rodeo Drive and felt unbelievably poor.

We returned to our Walk of Fame and the Disney Soda Shoppe for some ice cream and a Pre-Disneyland Kickoff Extravaganza. AKA A coke float and an ice cream sandwich.

And soon I will tell about Disneyland, most likely after our Santa Monica/Venice Beach/Getty Museum adventure.

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