Sunday, March 1, 2009

A good update for once

So I know I totes suck at updating and there's that. But here's an update.

So we'll go back, way back, to like...Friday. The prospect of leaving Michigan was enough to make my head pop off with pure joy. My mom drove me to the airport, but not before eating a yummy breakfast and then stopping off at my coffee shop for a beverage. And a lecture from my boss's mom.

Then off to DTW where I tried to stalk George Clooney (he's supposedly filming a movie at our airport). I left on a noon flight to LA. IN FIRST CLASS. It was AMAZING. Big seats, tons of room...the flight attendants were all "CAN I GET YOU A BEVERAGE?" And by beverage, I mean liquor. More importantly, we ate lunch. A real lunch, with real food, on real plates with real glasses and real silverware. AND it was edible. So colour me impressed.

Emily then picked me up at the airport and we went to the apartment. Her roommate, Lizzy, was kind enoough to drive us which meant Emily didn't have to rent a car. We made it to the apartment in one piece where I had to pee like a pregnant lady, and then we set out on investigating the town.

A delicious Chinese meal later, a brief tour of Sherman Oaks and 2 Tylenol PM later (as I had reached a second wind with it being like...2 am in Michigan and only 11 here) I crashed for the evening.

Saturday awaits. And Sunday. Tomorrow? DISNEYLAND. I even promise photos....

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