Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello There.

Long time, no see eh?

Let me start this entry with an entreat to my blogmate, Emily. We need a new design. Perhaps something for the holidays?

Anyway. We also apparently have just neglected this blog like you wouldn't believe.

To bring us all up to date, let's do a brief recap of the last 3 months or so. I am still unemployed. To be honest, I haven't looked for a job as hard as I probably should, but there it is. There are times when being unemployed is somewhat handy. Like when the furnace inspector comes to inspect stuff to the furnace. It's nice having me home when my mom is traveling and my dad can't get away from work.

I am also taking a pre-requisite course in Linguistics. It is fascinating. Once this class is finished I'll be starting my Masters in January.
I know, right? Like, real, grown-up college? It's kind of insane.

My mom is home for the holidays, which is nice. She's been gone pretty much the whole year and it's cozy having her around. Of course there are moments when that isn't true. But isn't that how the whole "Mother/Daughter" thing works?

I'll try to be around more. Maybe even with a festive photo or two.

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