Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emily's Olympic highlights

So the Olympics came and went, and as much as Alexa and I LOVE THE GAMES...we hardly blogged about it. That's a FAIL on our part.

I now give you my Olympic Highlights:

The Opening Ceremony whales
I cannot find photos/video of it online, but oh man. Video whales on the floor, spouting up some mist. Awesome.

Canada's Mittens
They are freaking cute and made me happy.

Apolo Anton Ohno
Winning medals and hearts. (Okay, due to my extreme desire to WIN THE OLYMPICS, any athlete who can bring home several medals has basically won my heart.) I may have missed a few speedskating events' coverage, but I always watched Apolo's races. I also loved his announcements of his personal medal count after each win.

Bump, bump, bump, launch...spin!...land, bump, bump. AWESOME. I never noticed moguls before, but holy cow this event rules. Plus, just look at that outfit: looks like comfy pajamas.

Charlie White & Meryl Davis
Silver medal in ice dancing! Their "Phantom of the Opera" costumes were amazing! Also, Alexa knows Charlie! GO TEAM!

Shaun White wins again
In the words of Alexa, "GOD Shaun White is just SO much better than everyone else." Seriously. He consistently gets more air and turns out better tricks than anyone. His "victory lap" was scored even higher than his first run. I feel like the event itself was just a formality—Shaun White was going to win, period. And I have to comment on team outfits again: USA rocking the plaid shirt and jeans? Of course we did.

Scott Hamilton's figure skating commentary
"Triple axelllllll....YEEESSS!" "Whooooa...ooohhh..." This is a man who loves the sport, and I love his commentary.

Lysacek pwns Plushenko
LOL RUSSIA. We beat you even without a quad!

Snowboard Cross
I just love how they jump and go whoosh.

Bode Miller wins gold
Hey, he finally got one! Way to turn around that "go big or go home" attitude from Torino. (Notice the trend: I love people who win medals.)

Closing Ceremony hijinks
It looked like a Thanksgiving parade threw up in Canada. Inflatable animals and mounties and singing maple leaves...I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. It was completely unexpected during what I thought was supposed to be a classy affair. WHATEVER, it was amazing.

Okay Canada, you got more golds than anyone...but we won more overall medals than anyone, and we all know that's what I really care about during the Games! 9 Gold, 15 Silver, 13 Bronze...37 total medals...USA! USA! USA!

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