Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Paris

I suppose I had finish the updates on Paris, because while Emily hasn't asked for them, I really should record it all as best I can.

This takes us back to last Tuesday. On Tuesday I slept even later (which was really nice) although awkward, as I was totally interrupted by French room service trying to clean.

I finally dragged my sorry ass out of bed and wandered over to L'arc de Triomphe. I stood in line for a bit and then walked up the 284 steps to the top.
Let us ponder that for a moment.
284 STEPS.
Man is that a lot of steps. It nearly killed me, but the view is worth it once you make it. I took many many photos. Taking pictures was a great way to record the trip and gave me time to recover.

I walked down the 284 steps (which is easier than going up) and had lunch. At McDonalds. Yes, I know, I ate at McDonalds. The McD's on the Champs-Elysees no less. It was delicious and unbelievably busy. Busier than I have ever seen any fast food place ever. I only went there out of convenience and price. I spent way too much on dinner the night before (at a nice place on the Champs) and this was my way of making up for it.

I wrote a few postcards while I ate and then moved on to La Tour Eiffel. I waited a long, long time to go up, bit seeing as I had promised a friend of mine I would, I waited. Although once I got to the top, I kind of wondered why I did (being vaguely afraid of heights and all).

Dinner was quite the affair that night, as we went out with her work crew. Mom and I tried Fois Gras, which wasn't that bad. I don't think I'd jump to have it again, but it was an experience and now i can say I've done it. Mom had ratatouille, I had a pot of fish. Literally. It was delicious. For dessert I also had Creme Brulee on a Waffle. Best decision ever. Better than everyone else's lame-o ice creams. The only thing potentially better than the food was one of Mom's work friends kind of getting in a snit with the waiter. But I would've done the same thing-the waiter was all...I guess "uppity" is the word.

We got back super, super late.

Wednesday entails going out with her work peoples around the city. Stay tuned.

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