Saturday, January 17, 2009

A brief recap of things I have done: the sequel


So while I was home for Christmas, I developed a slight cough. No big deal, just a cold. WRONG. This was the Mysterious Illness of Almost Death.

Last weekend, when I thought I was dying of a cold and sore ("OMG did I bruise my lungs/ribs with all this coughing?") ribs, I finally decided to seek medical attention, AKA on Monday I went to a walk-in clinic. Apparently I was dying of bronchitis. I was promptly prescribed an epic antibiotic and cough syrup with codeine, AKA opiates.

I'm better-ish now. "Ish" because yesterday, I ran home during my lunch break to eat my leftover Chinese. While home, I coughed. And something popped (audibly) in my ribs. OWWW PAIN and spasming muscles. Went back to work, where I promptly burned my hand badly, worse than any other time. Ran hand under sink faucet for 15+ mins. Applied burn cream. More sink action. Finally resorted to a plastic glove with ice in it so I could continue to function. Came home. Had hand in a bowl of water forever. This means a combined FIVE HOURS OF WATER ON MY BURNED HAND, because otherwise it tingled like fire.

I'm pretty much falling apart.

Today my ribs still ache like I escaped from one of Jigsaw's crazy contraptions. And I still need to do video-instructed pilates with my roommate later. (We started because she got engaged like two days into the new year, and she needs a buddy so she can look good in a wedding dress.)

So until I work out (and then knock myself out with Tylenol PM and my cough syrup), I am making rice in my rice cooker, so I can use some of my leftover chinese takeout condiment packets...and watching Mythbusters. Always a good time.

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