Saturday, January 17, 2009

A brief recap of things I have done

AKA shenanigans

So Friday I went to work not knowing what awesome sorts of things would befall me.
And by "awesome" I clearly mean "THEY DON'T PAY ME ENOUGH FOR THIS SHIT"

So. There is an employee at the delightful coffee shop I work at named....Scotty. For the fact that he's Scottish. And to protect the vaguely innocent. Moving on.
Scotty is useless. It took FOREVER to get him trained to do anything, like making the drinks OR brewing coffee (which you wouldn't think takes a rocket scientist, but on the other hand....)

The owners' mother came into work that day to generally mess with my sense of well being, psyche and rearrange the entire shop. I spent my day doing things like alphabetizing the coffees, tins of tea and making "Valentine's Day" baskets with the newly alphabetized products. All while trying to run the shop basically single handedly, as Scotty is as productive as a...I can't think of anything clever. But he doesn't do jack except brew coffee and make lattees. I spent my entire day trying to make 2 bagel sandwiches. I never got that far.

I also forgot to mention that it's a whopping 9 degrees. BELOW ZERO. The high point of the day was me trying to wash the windows (on the outside) and it all freezing. Scotty took a photo of me with his camera phone, thinking he was HILARIOUS. My face is all screwed up with what could be mistaken as concentration. In reality I was trying to blow him up with my mind. Much to my dismay, it didn't work.

In vaguely related news to the coffee shop, I have an epic crush on one of the other employees. He's 18. Hence Emily's previous post and the "cougar" comments. He's tall. That's all I have to say about that.
I also work with him tomorrow. So there's that.

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Emily said...

And by "awesome" I clearly mean "THEY DON'T PAY ME ENOUGH FOR THIS SHIT"

ME TOO. Me too.