Friday, February 7, 2014

OLYMPIC FEVER! Live-blogging the arrivals.

Yeah, I'm still alive.  Apparently I only like to blog about the Olympics.

So I am too.
(Told ya.)

This time, I am in law school at night (HEY I'M IN LAW SCHOOL NOW), so I need to figure out how to watch my primetime coverage another way.  Perhaps I resort to severely delayed videos online.  Whatever.  I'm not missing all of the Games.

8:33pm: I have nothing to say thus far.  We're on a commercial break before the Parade of Nations.   I DO have to say that I am so sad that Apolo Anton Ohno is not competing.  But I am also happy that he'll be around doing his reporting stuff.  It is not the Winter Olympics without him.  Can we also discuss my love of Jason Brown??  And Shaun White.  And Charlie & Meryl.  And J.R. Celski.  I totally choose favorites.

8:37pm: There's Greece!  We are under way!

8:41pm: "No South American country has ever won a [winter] medal."  Interesting.

8:50pm: Aww, Venezuela's flag bearer is DANCING out!

8:53pm: German rainbow uniforms!

8:56pm: Zimbabwe's first Winter Olympian!

9:11pm: Independent athletes!  They're way less excited than the group in 2012.

9:25pm: USA!  USA!  OMG there is a "marcher's eye view" camera.  IT IS LIKE I AM MARCHING IN TOO.  I spot Jason Brown hanging out with Gracie Gold!  Shaun White with the Go Pro!  Shani Davis with a creative wave! All the cellphones and selfies!

9:33pm: Are the athletes from Chinese Taipei wearing Snuggies?

9:45pm: Jamaican bobsledders!

9:47pm: Russia is entering like rockstars.  The music changed, the crowd got loud, and their fur-accented jackets are amazing.

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