Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Emily's Olympic Highlights

Well, it's been 10 days since the Closing Ceremony.  I guess it's really over.

LONDON 2012, you were lovely.  Here are my official Olympic highlights.
Queen Elizabeth II: Bond Girl

Queenie starred in an Opening Ceremony video!  With Bond!  James Bond!

Gabrielle Douglas

This is my girl!  Loved her since the AT&T American Cup when she was only an alternate (and her scores didn't count for anything)...and outscored the actual winner.  Then she won the VISA Olympic trials.  Then she led the USA team in qualifying.  Then she was the only team member to count for every event in the team finals.  Then she won the All-Around gold.  (Then people complained about her hair? Haters gonna hate.) This is my girl!

And on that note...

USA Women's Gymnastics Team

Nailed it!  McKayla's perfect vault, Gabby's uneven bars, Jordan and Aly on floor, and Kyla to round out high numbers in each event...perfect well-rounded team.  You go, Glen Coco!

Will and Kate watching the Games

Look at them there, trying to be normal!  I am so thrilled to see them do very average things, like sit in $100ish seats rather than a royal box. Look at them being all adorable.

Plus they did the wave, and cracked me up.

Phelps/Lochte rivalry/bromance

It started with a bang when Lochte shocked Phelps in the 400m IM...and continued through the team's silver relay...and finally concluded with the 200m IM, when Phelps got his redemption.  Then they rocked it together in the 4x100 medley relay.

Men's Gymnastics little footie pajama pants

Little footie pajama pants!

"McKayla Maroney is not impressed"

 I can't hate on her silver medal smirk.  The girl is adorable.  And the meme is hilarious.

McKayla Maroney plays along!

"The pool is closed.. #notimpressed"
Triple Jump

Hop...skip...JUMP!  My boss actually introduced me to Triple Jump via a video shortly before track and field started.  Love it!  They're just like Super Mario in their approach.

Michael Phelps took his medals out to the club

Can you blame him for wanting to?

Victory celebrations
Mo Farah doing Bolt's thing, Usain Bolt doing the Mo-Bot.  I love seeing competing athletes being good sports, such as...

 Sam Mikulak during the vault finals

"I wanna see this guy!" "Dude, that was ridiculous!"  These were his competitors for a medal, but he really appreciated the talent there.

Sanya Richards-Ross's hair

LOVE that she had her hair mostly down while competing in an athletic competition.  Her little braid was like a little golden crown.  Golden, like her performance.


#1 in gold AND #1 in total medals...USA!  USA!

Thank you, London, and goodnight.

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