Monday, September 6, 2010

My Nose Won't Be Runny For Long

I'm currently that really irritating kind of sick. You get the runny nose, a bit of a headache, maybe some aches and pains and that's about it. You're obviously (at least to you) sick enough to not feel well and perhaps not do some of the stuff that you would do normally, but otherwise you'd best suck it up and do it. Whatever it may be.

I'm sitting in my kitchen, blogging, feeling all snuffly like. I have to go golfing in the morning, and I'd blow it off if I hadn't done that last week. And because I'm not desperately sick, no one will really go "Oh you poor thing" if you don't show up, but if you're dying ill, you get the look of "WTF Are you doing here?"

I took some NyQuil. It's cherry flavored. I'm fairly certain it's what evil tastes like. But now I'm nice and sleepy and I can't get in the bathroom because my mom is showering. Annoying.

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