Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shopping WIN

I don't go shopping very often. I don't like going into stores and 1) not finding something I like, and 2) not being able to afford a lot.


There is a Buffalo Exchange down the street, and I walk past it often while running errands. For the past few weeks, there has been an awesome summer dress in the window—teal and dark purple abstract pattern, asymmetrical hem, halter tie top...AKA awesome.

The thing about Buffalo Exchange is that it's a resale shop. They buy used clothing from people in exchange for cash or store credit, and they're kinda picky about what they accept. Think of it as a high-end Salvation Army or Goodwill, if you will. There is likely only one of any item.

Therefore, I felt a slight sense of panic/excitement when the dress was no longer in the window today. I previously felt too awkward about asking them to take it off the window mannequin for me, so I may have just lost my chance for the dress...however, now it was off the mannequin, and maybe I could still capture it!

I dashed inside and went right to the dress rack...and there was my beautiful teal/purple asymmetrical hemline halter-tie dress! Panic moment again: it's a size extra-small, and I'm more of a small/medium. Happy moment: IT IS STILL THERE, and I can at least try it on.

I wrestled the zipper up my back and debated—it has a low back, so although it was a struggle to close it over my ribcage, it still was doable. The top could be tied and adjusted to make it fit better. AND THE SKIRT PORTION WAS AWESOME.

As I exited the fitting rooms, the attendant asked me, "How'd it work out for you?"
"YES! For the win!" I answered.

The dress still has its original tags attached. I have purchased a $158 dress for $16.50.

And I now own my window dress, which the store only had one of, which magically fit me, that I have wanted for weeks.

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