Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doctor, doctor, what be ailin' me?

I think it's my OLYMPIC FEVER.
As it's been told, Emily and I are totally afflicted with the disease. It came to a head in 2006 during the Torino Winter Games (when we were living together) and then went totally out of control with the 2008 Beijing Summer Games.

That being said, we have serious Fever.

It is also very exciting this year as I know someone in the Games. We're not total BFF or anything, but I went to high school with Charlie White, who competes in ice dancing. It's just so much more thrilling when you know someone there. He is a really nice guy, one of those genuinely good people, so I recommend everyone watch and root for his as he goes for gold!!

It just makes me mad that I have class tonight and I have to TiVo some awesome downhill skiing, snowboarding and other awesomeness.


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