Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Emily, The Couch Destroyer

I know, I know...we suck at updating, but I hope this tidbit is worthwhile:

Today, I disassembled a couch in the hallway. It was either that, or use some ropes to lift it out over the third-floor balcony.

My old roommate Lizzy has gotten married and moved out, so new roommate Tanya moved in. Today her furniture arrived—"adult furniture," if you will. As in, a real couch/chair/ottoman set, that is not from IKEA.

Amy's old white leather couch was slowly dying and sinking into itself, so it was time to say goodbye. But the couch wasn't ready to leave us. It fought its way out into the hallway, and refused to fit into the elevator at any angle. Then Amy informed us that they definitely hoisted it into the apartment with an improvised balcony rigging system.

So there it sat, in the middle of the third floor hallway, as we girls called/texted/facebooked for help. We were ready to rally up some troops to help with the balcony mission, when Amy got frustrated, grabbed a boxcutter knife, and attacked. She cut the back leather panel off the couch, then returned for a hammer. Soon we were hammering out the inner framework, ripping off the leather, and otherwise causing havoc in the hallway.

But we did it. We smashed off the end pieces and most of the back piece, until it was small enough to fit in the elevator.

Bye, bye, couch.

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